Welcome to Niger Delta Avengers

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Due to the recent happenings in the country, the Niger Delta Avengers has taken it upon themselves to start a war against all oil and gas companies in the region.
As at about 1:30am this morning We the Niger Delta Avengers blew up the  Bonny Soku Gas Export Line, inline with the ongoing pipeline attack on the region.
We are responsible for all the attacks going on the region for the past few weeks. The Agip Brass crude oil pipelines in Bayelsa, Escravos- warri crude oil pipeline,Escravos -Lagos- Abuja gas pipeline, Alero Dibi Abiteye  crude Crude oil pipeline and also, the Escravos -Abiteye gas line. All these Crude and gas pipelines  were blown up in Delta Niger in the past few weeks by the Niger Delta Avengers.
In the next few hours, the high Command of the Niger delta Avengers and his allies will sit and come out with a communique to clearly state the reasons why oil and gas pipelines are being attacked in the Niger Delta region.


  1. Greetings my brothers,please let freedom of #Biafra and the freedom of IPOB leader be one of the reasons of your attack because the nation called Nigeria is over,they have been killing us #Biafrans during our peaceful protest in the zoo because we don't what to be a part of the the union again,we are tied the marriage is no longer working out well,thanks and God bless keep on fighting on till your reasons are been look in to and done. "Respect"
    Okonkwo Michael-king

  2. Niger Delta Avengers. You naa well done!