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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chevron don't Dare the Avengers

From our investigation Chevron Plc is about to carry out repair works at the Valve platform that was blown by us (Niger Delta Avengers). We made it clear that no repair works should be done until our demands are fully met. 

Chevron have been operating in the Niger Delta region for over 40 years and no day has their terminals gone without electricity. While the host communities and villages are all basic amenities (Portable Drinking Water, Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Electricity). They have part with the federal government to undermine the people of the region leaving it to rot.

When we blew the Chevron Valve Platform it resulted to total blackout in the Escravos Tank farm for more than three hours.  If we (Niger Delta Avengers) can do it just know that we are capable of bringing down your tank farm if you continue with repair works on the blown valve platform.

Chevron and Nigeria Government are pushing us to do against our belief. Despite making it clear we are not after innocent human lives but as it’s going we might cause human casualties if they don’t listen to us. Be informed that if we decides to strike it going to be bloody. And the contracting firm going to do the repair works we want you to know that your facilities and staff will be our first casualties.

Our warning to Chevron is that despite the heavy presence of Military in the creeks, it will not stop us from carrying out our operations. We are ready to destroy more pipelines, we won't only  destroy pipelines, but will bring the fight to your tank farm and your Headquarters in Lekki, Lagos.

If you continue to undermine us and go ahead with the repair works you won’t see us coming but we are coming for you.

Col. Mudoch Agbinibo


  1. woah Colonel lets have a dialogue .....

  2. Freedom!! Freedom!! Freedom for the Niger delta people 100%. Isoko militia based in USA is ready to fund weaponry and manage hacktivism for our people. Niger deltaaaa, freedom!! Make Northerners go, make Yoruba go. Freedom for Nnamdi Kanu, freedom for Biafra.. freedom for the Niger delta people. We are not Biafra " We are Niger delta Avengers". Latest News: I hear say British people dey offer Black water security agency, An american security company a contract to sneak into Niger delta and gather sensitive information. I will update this, as soon as i gather more info.

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  4. We are with you brothers we must not cause division here because the house that divided against each her cannot stand. I once again congratulate NDA for their good work.
    Please no going back on the demand on the table.
    The economic crumbling remain the best. machete no devide water
    Michael Smith Wabera