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Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This Facebook Account/page is an impostor page that was open by fraudster to deceive the  general public. We warning  any group that wants to do anything should go about their activities without tagging us (Niger Delta Avengers) instead do your activities and claim responsibility. The NNPC pipeline in Eleme blowing that was posted by this Facebook account yesterday Wasn't carried out by Niger Delta Avengers. 
We calling all national dailies to take note. Niger delta Avengers is not out to mislead the public as a result we are closing all our Social network accounts and will be using our websites to pass information to the general public.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo


  1. God will bless you my brother's for the wonderful job that you guys are doing. God will bless you all. My dear brithers in the struggle. Is really time for you to publish something about NDA identity. So that the world will get to know about the race and the struggle. Because the Nigeria state are finding way to brand you guys as terrorist. And another thing is that. You guys should try to make things clear to the general public about the future of the struggle. You need to carry every body along. Don't make the struggle to be on your shoulder alone. We the Niger Deltan people and our south east family as behind you. So please take us all along with the struggle. Create a platform for your people to support you in full. You guys are freedom fighter. And that is what you guys are. Rebrand your website. Please.... Thanks

  2. Hail Niger Deltans!

    Beware, Be Warned, Be Wary!

    Intelligence reports suggests that as a last ditch effort to retain control of the oil & gas resources of the Niger Delta, the “Hausa / Fulani / Yoruba” Federal Government and their “Shell / British Government” collaborators are now strategizing on how to flood and submerge the Niger Delta wetlands (especially Bayelsa) with a “deliberate” deluge of water from the Kainji Dam, while its military is secretly developing “chemical weapons of warfare” which they are planning to deploy by spraying the “oil-creeks” in the guise of attacking the freedom fighters.

    Let it be known to them that this is not the 20th century of ignorance but the 21st century of knowledge that is “open source” to every “Intelligent Man” and that those same chemical and biological weapons of mass of destruction can also be deployed against their Military Barracks in the Niger Delta, Presidential Villa, National Assembly and so in Abuja as well as their crowded streets and markets in Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto and so on.

    So let the Nigerians be the ones to start the “Hitler War” against the Niger Deltans and the Niger Deltans will be the ones to finish the “Hiroshima War” against the Nigerians. For every repeat of the “Odi Massacre” of Niger Delta youths, aged, women and children, there will an unequal, disproportionate and continuing retaliatory repeat of the “Rwandan Genocide”.

    Niger Deltans are used to fighting wars in the last 500 years and are renown as the HARDEST WARRIORS in West Africa (ask the British Colonialists) and they will not stand by and let their people be massacred without exercising their exclusive right of SELF DEFENCE to strike back! This is the 21st century!

    Never underestimate an Intelligent Man!
    It is very dangerous!

  3. They thought that you people are not well organized or inconclusive like them.