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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The High Command of the  Niger Delta Avengers condemns the entire security reports linking our forces to the killing of military troops in Nembe Bayelsa state. NDA still wonders when this  charade and acts of desperation of the Nigeria military by always linking crimes in the southern part of Nigeria to our fighters will stop. It is a shame that Operations Delta Safe is still employing the old habits of deliberately dinning and wining with unaudited intelligence from political thugs, political paymasters and enemies of the Niger Delta to perpetuate       their continuous funding and relevance by catching in on the hunger in the land. One question for the commander of Operation Delta Safe! Who are the people perpetuating the ongoing illegal oil bunkerings in the Niger Delta at the moment? Because we have both video and pictorial evidences of your troops serious involvement in the pervasive crude oil thefts.  We have records of how much profit you collect and make per day from these atrocities in the Niger Delta.

To set the records straight, we cannot come after your Dane guns and ammunitions. Since the start of " Operation Red Economy" our forces did not  fire one shot until we have achieved this great success of crippling crude oil productions in the Niger Delta to about 800,000 barrels per day. Those gangs members  paraded as killers of troops of ODS are well known followers of Mr Africa Ukparasai and Mr Timipre Silva, that were purposefully armed  by the APC during the governorship elections  of Bayelsa state...  If your forces and formations comes under attack by notorious elements of your own political collaborators and calculations you should  accept it as a friendly fire ( from your own dubious creations getting loosed and fighting back to protect their territories and bellies)  and enjoy it whilst it last! excuse the NDA from your " Pig and Mud squabbles"

Yesterday was Arepo in Ogun  state, today is Nembe in Bayelsa state where is the next state you want to involve the NDA in this your bread and butter security conspiracies and collaborations ? Please count us of your incapacities and blackmails. Is this not the Operation Delta Safe that is the puppet and child of necessity of some  jail Birds and political shenanigans like Charles Okah's MEND and RNDA?  We the NDA and Niger Delta People knows that you are not to here to protect anything in the region rather you have come to perpetuate more crude oil thefts that is worst.As such, we have  avoided everything that will justify your continuous stay and sour your illicit funds . Just a moment, in our reality checks, from  Operation Hakuri two, Operation Restore  Hope, Operation Pulo Shield  and today Operation Delta Safe your formations and troops have always being the merchants of illegal oil bunkering activities in our Niger Delta.  Your outfits in most cases deliberately trigger killings and kidnappings to make your services relevant.

Conclusively, we want to ask if it is best practices for heads of military formations in the Niger Delta to become super rich months after been deployment, acquiring properties locally/internationally? it is our wish that, one day governments of Nigeria can think right and redirect these huge  resources used to fund these your illicit and  infamous outfits to achieving especially some of the short term development frameworks in the Niger Delta to the de-escalation of the perennial traumas the people are passing throughout the region.

Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo


  1. God Bless NDAvengers!
    What is happening to you guys? Our freedom from our enemy is near. Please watch your comments;like the one below
    It is our wish that, one day governments of Nigeria can think right and redirect these huge resources used to fund these your illicit and infamous outfits to achieving...

  2. Thank you NDA, FG is busy on how to kill all the Niger Delta People and take the oil along side with USA And UK. This countries are enemy of Niger Delta. Have you ever see USA or UK visit Niger Delta? it always be North. We are read for the Hausa and Yoruba, like them come and take the oil, if the oil is more important the humans. Papa G

  3. Nigerian military is been so propagated and always want to please president Buhari and for that they have been so silly

  4. The INCOMPETENT ONE thinks he is truly safe in his porous and vulnerable Aso Rock threatening to use force against the FREEDOM FIGHTERS if pushed, as if he has not already thrown all that his weak and feeble military has to offer and failed woefully only to resort to propaganda warfare instead...

    Pleeeeease hurry up with your use of force as that will help to fast track and accelerate the new and waiting INDEPENDENT STATE OF NIGER DELTA.

    Maybe the PRESIDENTIAL MORON with an IQ level of below 50 thinks that British will help Nigeria to fight a second civil war this time around, when they have now become the shameful outcast of Europe after Brexit.

    Or that the out going President Obama the "secret Moslem" can influence either Hilary Clinton that called Nigeria a "failed state" or Donald Trump that is planning a global war against Islamists to support an Islamic government in a war against the Niger Delta.

    We warrior Niger Deltans can't wait for the so-called "war' to start because that is what we want and what we do best...fight wars of conquest like we have been doing for centuries before colonialism came.

    Hope the military will not chicken out with another amnesty offer this second time around when the battle gets tough because when it starts it will not last more than 2 to 3 months before the entire nation will collapse into bankruptcy with zero crude oil, zero electricity and zero petrol leading to a catastrophic economic meltdown after every oil company in the region is forced to evacuate for good never to return again under the Nigerian state until the formation of the new Niger Delta state.

    Then we will see where the INCOMPETENT ONE will get money to pay state allocations and workers salaries and most especially buy sophisticated weapons for his super-chicken military. Guess he’ll have to borrow from their “interest free’ Islamic Bank, which unfortunately will also be cash strapped because it is funded by Niger Delta oil money.

    Meanwhile the Niger Deltans will pay for their foreign ship load of weapons with their “bunkered” crude oil which will also be “illegally” refined for petrol while the northerners will be importing their petrol from Chad and Libya as a foretaste of what is to come after Niger Delta becomes independent in the very near future.

    So HURRY UP and start the 2ND CIVIL WAR that will surely DISINTEGRATE NIGERIA because no nation survives two civil wars!

    Wow! What a clownish clueless and incompetent Moronic Aboki a.k.a Mr. President!

    No wonder a DOG was named after him...the joke is now on the Abokis and Yorubas for electing a real Joker-Moron!

    LOL...Ha ha ha

  5. Carry on, I was surprise how those guys allowed themselves to be captured and why didn't the military brutalise them. It is strange to see as the man was casually speaking as if he was narrating how he managed to find battery for his phone in market (although the video was cut as someone tried to hit him).


    This is indeed a government of propaganda even those captured Boko Haram fighters might just be the president setting up the least ranking of his own political thugs.

    Now do the NDAvangers think they can really negotiate with a man like Buhari. Yahdua and Jonather were the first Presidential team with a PhD, this probably why they choose peace over the decision of our Primary 6 graduate President.

  6. God bless NDA.we your brother's are saying no to negotiations with Nigeria government, all we want is our independent

  7. God bless NDA.we your brother's are saying no to negotiations with Nigeria government, all we want is our independent

  8. God bless NDA.we your brother's are saying no to negotiations with Nigeria government, all we want is our independent,if they refuses us our freedom peacefully,let it go Sudan way.

  9. If you allow the economy to recover,know that all your former efforts are wasted.

  10. I, Chimezie commenting from Biafraland congratulates u warrios of our time for your job well done so far, I want to encourage u warriors that a lot still have to be done to zero the zoo economy flat by more blowing more pipelines most especially the export ones 👉

    I want all Biafrans to understand that our quest is for us to be free from this fraud & contraption called Nigeria. We proudly say NO to any dialogue or negotiation of any kind from the zoo government.

    Biafraland must stand Wether paedophile buhari, British, USA & Co like it or not, Enough is enough..!!! We have suffered so much under this set of terrorists, beasts in form of human hausa/fulani & yoruba cowards.
    We Biafrans will soon take what belongs to us by force if the world leaders decide to stay mute.

    I personally want to inform our Almighty Avengers that I, Chimezie is ever ready to join the strike team be it land or sea force, the only language the zoo government understand is violence and we must give it to them soonest.

    Biafrans should wake up, our future starts today not tomorrow. Let joins hand together and make Biafra great again 💪
    My prophet Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said it all. It's either Biafra flag will be raised up or u lower us to the grave. We must continue 👉

    All hail Almighty Avengers umu chineke 💪

  11. "...everyone says we will loose.." find out why and what happened at the end:


  12. "...everyone says we will lose.." find out why and what happened at the end:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSBDTfTfmJ8t the end

  13. The Niger Delta elders like the cowardly Edwin Clark and co. who sold their birth-right to the northerners for a pot of porridge and refused to fight for it should keep talking to the deaf and dumb government to no avail like they have been doing to no avail for the last 50 years, as they belong to a wasted, wasteful and forgotten generation.

    But the future belongs to the Niger Delta youths like the Avengers & co. that want to reclaim back their birthright by fire by force and they should keep bombing the deaf and dumb government to submission as they will NEVER hand over our crude oil to us by NEGOTIATION.

    Let them bring in their fighter Jets to our creeks to bomb our innocent civilians so that we too can bring in our weapons of mass destruction to their cities to bomb their innocent civilians.

    You must use what you have to fight your enemy lest you are destroyed by your enemy. the Israelis have shown us the JEWISH FORMULA of retaliation for every Jew killed, by killing up to 20 Jihadists whether men, women and children. Since Prime minister Netanyahu a.k.a The Jewish Warlord adopted this brute force formula, these Jihadists now dread to take the life of a Jew because they know that many of their own people will go for it. That is why Israel is no longer under constant attack from their Islamic neighbors like it was in the past.

    So Brute Force with merciless, ruthless and disproportionate retaliation is the only way to deal decisively with theses Islamic Jihadists plotting to kill our aged, women, children and youths for our crude oil.





  14. These guys are group of stupid people from eastern region.From support on Biafra agitation to Niger delta republic...and now, your gradually aligning yourself to federal govt positions with these rubbish,needless and worthless talks.the truth remains that Nigerians have grown above your disgruntled antics, we are all Nigerians,wiser and more knowledgeable than your family pocket army.i only read your De-construct able posts to analyze your level of indiscretions and to keep my mind busy on the regular dramas in my country.....one can easily come to terms that you are just trying to disturb the good govt of the day,just because you fell out of peoples favor. its obvious Nigeria is free, so which freedom are u now calling yourself the fighters? from the look of things it seems there is no focus nor direction...please tell the grey hairs among you, to advice you on how on how best to support the govt to recover loots from our fellow eastern brothers..however, pardon my choice of words if you felt hurts,but truth always hurt after-all..am objectively minded and i can not compromise to sentiments. why must you be sleeping in the past 6years only to wake-up and see the degradation in the eastern region. please mudoch agbinibo and shadows should wait for next election, they might be lucky,even fools get lucky at times, thanks.

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  17. Your slave name called NIGERIA was given to you by your British "slave mistress" called Flora Shaw the girl-friend of your British colonial "slave master" called Frederick Lugard and you still call yourself a FREE MAN?

    Know ye not that CEASAR is a white man's name from Italy? Have you ever heard of an Italian calling himself by an Africa name like OJUKWU? You know why? Because he is a free-born Italian with an Italian name not a slave-born Nigerian with a slave name like you.

    What was the name of the kingdom your grand fathers and great grand fathers built before your British slave masters came just about 100 years ago to enslave you and colonize you till today? That is your true name, identity and country not Nigeria.

    You see, those Africans in Europe, America, Caribbean and even Liberia here in West Africa can be "excused" for not being able to identify their ROOTS because the slave masters of the forebears ensured that they were forcefully given a SLAVE NAME like 'Tony Black' so as to obliterate their true African identity and nationality and adopt a new slave identity and nationality so as to keep them in perpetual enslavement for centuries without end, that is why they can no longer trace their African roots.

    But if they had retained their original African names, today they would easily identify which region, country or kingdom they come from in Africa and be able to connect with their original families and kinsmen in their African homestead and what a great family re-union that would have been for them. Similarly your own original identity is now being obliterated and you have now happily adopted a new slave nationality called NIGERIA.

    In your own case you are happy to wear your modern day psychological SLAVE CHAIN a.k.a THE 'BRITISH TOGA OF ENSLAVEMENT' for you and your unborn children, but we are FREE MEN fighting for TRUE FREEDOM from this modern day psychological slavery of the white man that is why we are called FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

    Note that slavery is as old as mankind but only you black Africans have lost your own real identity unlike those others who were enslaved at one time or the other in history like the Jewish, Arabian, South American, Asian and European slaves because you agreed to change your original name and adopt your slave master's name.

    Quite unlike the Jews who refused to call themselves by slave names and still retained their Jewish names and identities for 2000 years in European captivity while waiting patiently to return to their ancestral native land and kingdom of Israel where they are now residing today as FREE BORN Israelis.

    Finally advice your own “grey hairs” on how best to support your government
    in ensuring that you drop your “pen” and grab your “cutlass” and head straight back to your waiting FARMS that have been lying FALLOW for the last 50 years while you have been freely sucking on our “oil’ like parasites and leeches, for those days are now NUMBERED and it is GAME OVER!

    Imagine that! Your 30 parasitic states and Abuja that cannot sustain themselves for only two months without the federal allocation from the Niger Delta and yet you proudly call yourself by that slave name of a failed state called NIGERIA.

    We will no longer partake of this British enslavement so we want to get out of it RIGHT NOW!

    But we wish you NIGERIANS a long life of another progressive and prosperous 100 YEARS!


  18. My Dear AVENGERS,
    God go bless una yanfunyanfun. May thunder, fire and brimestone embrace anyone or group that is against you. You are our redeemer and we love your resolute resolve, your strict principled MO and your poise. Honestly, I am prepared to sacrifice my life for this struggle and go with you to the hottest parts of the battle that might come your way. I know we will conquer...as long as we do NOT allow the political moles from our region infiltrate this noble struggle and sabotage our course.E.g., people like Oshiomhole should be given a clear warning and signal to stay clear.

  19. http://punchng.com/special-forces-kill-five-niger-delta-militants-recover-arms/

  20. http://punchng.com/special-forces-kill-five-niger-delta-militants-recover-arms/