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God bless us allIt is well with every Nigerians. God bless us allNaija mp3 songshttps://olagist.co/category/download-mp3/[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-24874419190072687942018-01-24T04:41:18.826-08:002018-01-24T04:41:18.826-08:00NOISE MAKERSNOISE MAKERSFREDONINOhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/13603920054535192182[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-22545437688290251072018-01-24T00:03:46.084-08:002018-01-24T00:03:46.084-08:00Enough of talking. Strike and let hell let loose. ...Enough of talking. Strike and let hell let loose. Herdsmen are carrying out attacks and nothing is happening to them, we should also constitute a strike force to attack their brothers in the south and all their interest. We shouldn&#39;t be enticed by their fake sincerity to trick us to get information about us. <br /><br />I really don&#39;t know what you guys are doing to recruit intelligence personnel, fighters, and many other squad so that we can start building an army. We can start to make drones and arm them, we start developing landmines, other amunition, etc. we just have to confront the animals the way Israel and US is facing them because if we run and shy away from this move, the will come to our door step.<br /><br />Look at the map of Nigeria, these men are fund the herdsmen with our oil resources and they are closing on us on four fronts, from the southwest, middle belt, south east and north west regions.<br /><br />No time to wastre, we should act now and fast as we have seen that buhari is not hiding his actions, it is clear to the world that he suipport these attacks and likely funding them directly and indirectly on several front. So, i Beleive if we also should act, then we have a balance equation gradually stabilizing.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-30710456478076200752018-01-21T00:54:54.560-08:002018-01-21T00:54:54.560-08:00Why do you people keep making noise take a look at...Why do you people keep making noise take a look at other pressure groups not to mention the unpopular ISIS strike and take credit. How many times have you said you will and nothing you guys are quickly sounding like a group that just want notice for money.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-3185973072136882822018-01-21T00:50:54.022-08:002018-01-21T00:50:54.022-08:00Empty vessel makes the largest noise. {strike you ...Empty vessel makes the largest noise. {strike you have the silent support of the Niger Deltans of keep numb}Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-36118802000926935372018-01-20T10:24:24.377-08:002018-01-20T10:24:24.377-08:00I&#39;m one of your spiritual supporters and will ...I&#39;m one of your spiritual supporters and will be dancing anytime your bombs echo to destroy the oppressors instruments. <br />I would like you to carry out a surprise attack without warning. Your warning give ample opportunity to the Nigeria state to avenge by punishing our people hence unannounced attack on the oil infrastructure will cause a collateral damage that will put the Nigeria state in confused state. <br />Please attack without warning. <br />How can I be part of u? <br />Egbesu Egbesu dein is always protecting you as far as you are sincere in the emancipation of the Niger Delta. Mienyuhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/05518462287333850763[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-2700164533136585062018-01-19T09:39:18.948-08:002018-01-19T09:39:18.948-08:00&quot;ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE&quot;. Come...&quot;ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN VOICE&quot;.<br /><br />Come to think of it, it seems like our Beloved NDA has been compromised.<br /><br />We knew only 2 trusted institutions in this ZOO before, Nazi Nnamdi Kanu &amp; Niger Delta Avengers. But NO, only one seem to retain our respect.. the other seems to have been hoodwinked by Evil Kiagbodo Clark and Pedophile Diette Spiff.Those Old crooks that has trade their integrity for a morsel of porridge, who has no meaningful stake and share of our pains in this generation, as their time is in the medieval erra overlapping into ours. Tufiakpa, God forbid..I pee pee and pooh pooh on their grave .. Evil old men.. Very Conny and selfish.. Heartless betrayals with no single prick of conscience.<br /><br />When has NDA become a cowards and a parrot? Do the did and forget this your wasteful Negotiations with a False prophete , Lucifer Yemi Osibanjo. Do our bid and not yours ...hence you are fighting a very selfish and self destructive battle. Our bid is for you to end this agent of destruction call pipeline...the entire stuff...let&#39;s start afresh. Let&#39;s everyman know what is what. That&#39;s the only way. Pause the Nigeria project of stop it if possible,vthat is the only way anyone will take you serious.. It your property.. to hell with whom ever will or is thinking otherwise. &quot;He that is down already, fears no fall&quot;. Where not and still not benefitting, so destroying it won&#39;t cause no damn harm except for those scavengers and vampires.Prince Israelhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/07037598543044537843[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-7618296362007441612018-01-19T07:08:22.620-08:002018-01-19T07:08:22.620-08:00You guys should join forces with South East, South...You guys should join forces with South East, South West, Middle Belt to bring the North to it kneel and achieve restructing.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-21287250320457176362018-01-18T11:03:47.293-08:002018-01-18T11:03:47.293-08:00Stop issuing threat or notification to strike , ju...Stop issuing threat or notification to strike , just strike and claim responsibility perhaps fulani herdsmen does not warn before killing , please stop creating unnecessary awareness of your preaction and you will be begged by those conspirators to wait..........BE SERIOUS BEFORE IS LATE, WE are running out of time , is now called colonies , new name of grazing reserve , soon it shall be well pronounced as colonization.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-8146722727752121792018-01-18T06:18:02.559-08:002018-01-18T06:18:02.559-08:00My beloved NDA, we have experience about the previ...My beloved NDA, we have experience about the previous freedom fighter that failed us several time. Your first impression was wonderful many Niger Delta people who belief on this just cause were happy. But delay of this striking is not a welcome development. We are in support of restructuring or no more Nigeria in history of out time.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-31398631596325940862018-01-18T02:28:54.547-08:002018-01-18T02:28:54.547-08:00Anyway, if you guys CAN&#39;T bankrupt these hausa...Anyway, if you guys CAN&#39;T bankrupt these hausa/fulani bloodsuckers by pulling down these oil installations, then you&#39;re all a bunch of foolish nagging cowards.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-51983749220559862742018-01-18T02:24:48.328-08:002018-01-18T02:24:48.328-08:00If i have my way, i&#39;ll chase out any fulani/ha...If i have my way, i&#39;ll chase out any fulani/hausa looking human being from the Niger-Delta... For real mehn, these guys are beasts.<br />Take a stroll to NNPC Outlets Warri (WRPC, NPDC, DPR &amp; NGC) and you&#39;ll see that it is all occupied by hausas &amp; fulanis and even their employment pattern is based on favouring their Northern counterparts.<br />E&#39;wei`... if you guys want to act, ACT and lets pull down this wall of Jericho preventing the blessed people of Niger Delta from accessing their Canaanland.<br />They can&#39;t create Oil Colonies or engage intelligent &amp; hardworking Niger delta youths who refine oil locally by drafting them into the Oil Refining industries but they can declare the creation of cow colonies for assassins who along with their wolfs(Cow) are maiming and killing innocent people all across the country... and their Godfather, M. Buhari can openly say via his twitter account that these Babarians are just defending themselve...&quot;by killing innocent women &amp; children plus destroying their source of livelihood (the Farms)&quot;.<br /><br />Anyway, if you guys can bankrupt these hausa/fulani bloodsuckers by pulling down these oil installations, then you&#39;re all a bunch of foolish nagging cowards.<br />See guy, make i tell u ehhn... bomb everything make everybody feel the heat, HABA!!! we go dey suffer in hardship, poverty and penury will these philistines go dey drink our own milk &amp; honey and making us crawl to dem to beg 4 garri &amp; kernel... BULLSHIT!Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-52517085570108744432018-01-18T00:15:24.839-08:002018-01-18T00:15:24.839-08:00Why did u guys always warn before striking? Did it...Why did u guys always warn before striking? Did it show that you are serious. Continue warning until they warm all of you. If you are still the able bodied Avengers i know start your operations now or your Niger deltans will be doomed for live. As fulani /hausas say that your territory are already conquered by them. A word is enough for the wise.<br />Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-54342521746433990852018-01-17T14:09:07.992-08:002018-01-17T14:09:07.992-08:00You guys should be serious, stop collecting peanut...You guys should be serious, stop collecting peanuts in the name of amnesty from your own property, you guys should bring all oil installation down....I mean all.they are buying arms from our oil money to fight us and collect of land from us,strike all installations so that every body will go and rest.wish u guys success. Cant wait to hear a big exolotion.<br />Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-1157335385763187552018-01-17T10:33:34.382-08:002018-01-17T10:33:34.382-08:00i will appeal to you guys to strike before warning...i will appeal to you guys to strike before warning...you seem like a joke when you prewarn of your attack...are you prewarning for the army to launch crocodile laugh?....men you guys should be serious,bomb installations without warning and kill army without warning,claim the credit after enough skulls has gone down...guys make una no laxityUnknownhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/16826148808460852802[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-33241286020411296142018-01-17T10:26:24.574-08:002018-01-17T10:26:24.574-08:00I hope you guys will not renege. In the meantime, ...I hope you guys will not renege. In the meantime, I say good luck to you guys Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-61910357533994853212018-01-17T07:06:22.734-08:002018-01-17T07:06:22.734-08:00You guys are jokers. You are not serious. Niger De...You guys are jokers. You are not serious. Niger Delta remains the property of Hausa Fulanis. Continue to collect crumbs from what belongs to you in the name of agitation.Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-8143736223146413682018-01-17T06:44:57.958-08:002018-01-17T06:44:57.958-08:00You guys are not serious. Something you would have...You guys are not serious. Something you would have settled long time ago. You choose to trust a Fulani man who values his cattle than human lives. The federal government under the control of Hausa-Fulani will never restructure Nigeria. They will never develop Niger Delta. Their plan is to colonize the whole of Nigeria using cattle rearing as a cover-up. Mind you that it does not matter who is the president. The Hausa-Fulani is in control irrespective of who is the president of Nigeria.<br /><br />I consider you guys as jokers, making empty traits. Buhari will find a way to put you guys under control while the atrocities against the Niger Delta continues. Hausa-Fulani have always maintained that Niger Delta is their conquered territory.<br /><br />Isn&#39;t it so?<br />Anonymous[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-86780250773418776712018-01-17T06:21:40.622-08:002018-01-17T06:21:40.622-08:00President Mumuhamadu Buhari has not yet proscribe ...President Mumuhamadu Buhari has not yet proscribe nor declare Any Operation like Operation MIYETTI Allah to his beloved Fulani cousins and fellow Cattle rustlers and Terrorist. But when it comes to Niger Delta, the Military will declare all world war military code names on our land. <br /><br />Now, he is saying that they should be accommodated as a fellow country man.<br /><br />Senate gave IGP 14days to bring the Fulani herdsmen to book, just last night, BUHARI invited the Senate leaders, stupid Saraki, and those other saboteurs Ekweremadu and Okpabio to dine with him and bribe them.<br /><br />They are toying with our lives and future. But they wake up to smell the beacon soonest. I trust you guys.<br /><br />Watch them, very soon ...they will start begging you guys for more time and asking military to move back yo the Niger Delta... And start a consultation conference with our wizards Niger Delta leaders. But the same persons are ignoring Benue now.<br /><br />The value pipelines more than human lives. Everyone can die...but nothing should happen to the pipelines... Vampires they are.<br /><br />No matter what... Ground the pipelines now that the price in international market is rising to $70 pb.Prince Israelhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/07037598543044537843[email protected]tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-8886176006052931793.post-56687268356913070542018-01-17T04:34:27.901-08:002018-01-17T04:34:27.901-08:00Do as you have promised, You made us to to burry o...Do as you have promised, You made us to to burry our head in shame for failed promises by our beloved NDA to strike. If possible KILL Pa Clark, he is old enough to die. KILL Diette Spiff his co-conspirator.. And if possible add Dickson to it. I am very serious.<br /><br />Fake Gen. Mumu BUHARI.. Values crude oil pipelines to human being or lives. Clark is willing to sell anybody... Stop fraternizing / associating yourself that old man that is closer to his grave and has place his integrity on sale for the highest bidder. Send Clark, that wicked old crook, to his grave and destroy all his housing property.. So BUHARI and Osibanjo that False prophet will know you guys are very serious...and forget about that useless election. I wish you all NDA army and High Command well. More grease to your elbow.Prince Israelhttps://www.blogger.com/profile/07037598543044537843[email protected]